Volume – IX – April-2016 (Issue – 4)

Kind Attention to Authors and other Readers

All authors will receive their respective full papers through mail after publication, meant for future references. Readers can access only Abstracts.  Other interested users are requested to mail us to receive full papers. 

To download Abstracts, click the respective titles:

  1. Understanding School Feeding Programmes in India and Tamil Nadu in addressing Classroom Hunger – Ms. Anbu Arumugam
  2. Transmission of CRM to SCRM – AbhaWankhede
  3. Digital India: A Tool for Sustainable Development – Ms. Ashitha Amin
  4. Effective Talent Management Practices in the Indian Corporate Sectors: A Strategic Analysis – Rasmita Behera
  5. Contractualisation of Public Sector Jobs: Impact on Performance – Deepa Sharma
  6. Women Empowerment v/s Work Life Balance (A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON MARRIED AND UNMARRIED EMPLOYED WOMEN IN MUMBAI SUBURBS) – Trupti Shailesh Chaurpagar
  7. Determinants of Investment Attitude (Does Information Availability and News Media Really Affect Investment Decision?) – Lakshmi J & Dr. Minimol M. C
  8. ERP based Business Model of Handicrafts Sector: – A Study – CMA (Dr.) Debdas Rakshit & Sutanuka Shaw
  9. Gold Volatility in Indian Market – Dr. Sambhaji Vishnu Mane & Mr. Ravi Bhandari
  10. A Study of the Influence of Spiritual Awareness on Managerial Values – V.S. Nanduri Krishna & Dr. B. Madhavan
  11. Does celebrity endorsement influence the brand preference? An analysis – Ms.K.Soniya, Dr.P.Karthikeyan & Ms A.Indira