Volume :10 Issue :12 (Nov-2017)

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  1. A Study on Transformation in HR Functional Areas -K.Mukesh Kamaraj, J. Hassan Naveeth and S.Andrew Solomon
  2. Financial Performance – A Study with Special reference to i3 Logistics – M.Maria Janiel and S.Natarajan
  3. M-Governance – A Supporting Application for Digital India – Dr.B.Neeraja, Dr.Artichandani and
    Dr.Mita Mehta
  4. A Study on Operational Innovation – C. Priyanka
  5. A Study on Green Marketing for a Competitive Business Environment – Rakesh Dondapati &
    Dr. S. Rabiyathul Basariya
  6. The Manager: A Helmsman or A Herdsman? – Dr.N.Ramachandran and S.Elumalaiyan
  7. An overview of Current Transformation in Global Legacy Retail Industry – S.Kalugasalamurthy and Dr. B. Neeraja
  8. Pay Per Click – An Operational Innovation – Ms.Shruthi Unnikrishnan 
  9. Lean Concept in Hospital Management – S.K. Thameem Anzari
  10. An Analysis of the Impact of GST (Goods and Services Taxes) in India – Dr.M. Vijaya kumar and
    S Jeya Prabha Bose
  11. Social Protection and Adjusted Monetary Poverty: A Study based on NSSO Unit Level Data in the Context of the Backward Districts of West Bengal – Jagabandhu Mandal, Aniruddha Kayet, Rajib Kumar Dolai and Dr. Pinaki Das
  12. Social Economic Conditions and Education Level of Women’s Influence of Rural Women’s Empowerment in Erode District, Tamil Nadu – An Empirical Study – R. Jayanthi and Dr. S.Ponnarasu
  13. Usage Pattern of Social Media by Millennial – A Case of IT Professional – Supriya Pathak and
    Dr. Unmesh Mandloi
  14. An Analysis of Determinants of Retained Earnings with reference to Nifty Energy Companies in India – S. Girish and Dr. C. Karthigai Prakasam
  15. Role of Technical Competencies in Work Place –  D. Mohanakumari  & Dr. R. Magesh
  16. Performance Appraisal Methods Used in IT Companies – T.S. Aarathy  & Dr.D.Venkatarama Raju
  17. Relationship between Work-Life Balance and Psychosomatic Disorders: A Study among Women Employed in BPO – Dr. A Chitra Devi & Dr. Preethi Sheshadri
  18. Operational Innovation-Digital India: Scope, Approach & Challenges – Rajeev Srivastava & Dr. J. Bhavani 
  19. An Examination of Emotional Intelligence to Influence Transformational Leadership – R. Priya
  20. The Mentor –Protégé Relationship for Professional Growth – Dr. A. Geetha