Volume :11 Issue : 3 (March-2018)

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  1. Consumer Perception – An Empirical Study with special reference to Himalaya Herbal Products – B. Karthikeyan
  2. A study on Rupee-dollar volatility – Role of news in the Indian Context – Bhaskar Gorugantu
  3. A Study on the role of Public Private Partnerships in promoting The Indian Tourism – Dr. Amruth Raj
  4. A Study on Retail Investors Participation in Indian Equity Market – C.V. Purushotham
  5. Customer Satisfaction: A Study with Special reference to Mobile Networks – Dr. Anil K. Singh
  6. Job Satisfaction of the Employees: A Conceptual Frame Work – Dr.N.Amruth Raj
  7. Barriers to Innovation in Indian: A Study of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – Abhaykumar Gasti
  8. Employees Perception on Role of HR Department and Its Impact on Succession Planning Practices – A Study With Reference to IT Companies in Chennai – S.Vimaladevi
  9. Globalization of Software Product Development: A conceptual study of transfer to global locations based on Product Maturity-stage and its impact on Product Life cycle – Umasankar Saketharaman & Victor Anandkumar
  10. Determinants of Lapsation in Health Insurance : An Empirical Analysis of Customers’ Perspectives – Ms. Joby Joy & Dr. D. Jublee
  11. Blockchain technology: Emerging relevance in the financial services sector – Dr. Anjali Chopra, Sakshi Manthanwar & Jithin Babu
  12. A Study on Effect of Emotions and Biases on Investment Success – Mrs. Laveena Vaz
  13. The Impact of Analyst Recommendations on BFSI sector stocks – Pooja Gupta & Zahid M Jamal
  14. Assessing the Risk associated with Liquid and Money Market Funds in India – Mrs.RinkalSanghavi & Dr. PankajTrivedi
  15. Indian Government Securities – A Retail Participation Perspective – Sunil Parmar & Dr. Pankaj Trivedi
  16. A Suggested Framework for Improving Online Customer Experience for Availing Personal Loans – Dr. Hardeep Singh & Saugata Chatterjee
  17. A Study on Role and Status of Women in India – Anila K.P & Dr.V.Krishnaveni
  18. Stress and Job Burnout – A Study with Special Reference to College Teachers – Dr. M. Surya Kumar & V. Vasantha Kumar
  19. A Study on Investors’ Opinion towards Factors Affecting Bank Stocks – G. Sowmya & M. Jayanthi
  20. A Study on Factors Affecting Motivation and its Effect on Employees Performance of Public Sector – Ritu Garg & Dr. Sameer Sharma
  21. E-Shoppers’s Perception towards Customer Relationship Management – A Study with reference to E-Tail Stores – Ms.U.Sheeba & Dr.M. Jayanthi